We are committed to providing you the finest in dry-cured beef Biltong. Our age-old South African tradition of curing meat the natural way by hanging our beef in a dry controlled climate, greatly enhances the taste and texture. This artisan process provides for a rich and tender protein of exceptional quality, freshness and taste, that will surely tantilize your tastebuds.
After a challenging day at the office, or an epic battle on the sports field, or pushing your limits in the crossfit arena, or hitting that squat rack to failure, or hiking that National Park trail, or taming that Pacific surf, or simply catching a sunset on the beach, what better way to replenish your body with a quick-and-easy nutritious meat snack. All-Natural, gluten-free, dry-aged beef Biltong.


Grass-fed Beef

Biltong could possibly be the healthiest and most nutritious meat snack to ever tantalize your taste buds! Our Biltong is made from the finest USDA approved New Zealand grass-fed beef. Packing a whopping 45g of protein per bag, our Biltong is loaded with vital proteins and essential fatty acids which can help grow and maintain muscle mass.

No Sugar & Dry-aged

Biltong is 100% sugar-free, and is not cured with any sugar, molasses or other sugar substitutes? Have you ever bothered to read your jerky labels to find out how many grams of sugars are in each bag? Perhaps you should! Our Biltong is one of the healthiest snacks for kids, diabetics, power athletes and even folks watching their weight.

Natural Ingredients

You will not find a better meat snack on the market today (well that’s our opinion) with simpler, healthier ingredients: Grass-fed Beef, Salt, Black Pepper, Coriander and Vinegar. That’s all she wrote! All-natural ingredients that make for a delicious taste in one nutritious bag of wholesome goodness.

Biltong is one of the best weight loss snacks around. High in protein, low in saturated fats, and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, Biltong can help any person maintain a lean body while stifling those unwanted cravings for junk snacks. Many professional athletes from football players to body builders enjoy our tasty morsels of meat, providing them with much needed nutrients and that extra boost of energy.